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Mantes is an innovation agency. We incubate, create and accelerate businesses, social enterprises and charities to deliver beautiful projects capable of effecting significant change.

We love ideas with impact. We are passionate about inventing, designing, refining and delivering. We are addicted to exploring untested opportunities and we find irresistible invitation from situations of deep challenge. We are committed to sustainability; environmentally, socially and economically.


Here's a little about what we're up to.

We are a creative bunch of people who come together to bounce off each other’s gifts and skills to build on what you have to explore. Led by Sam and Beth Hardwick, we enjoy getting alongside ideas for business be it new or old, fresh or tired, and giving things a real holistic boost.

We can cover every angle of the business from relational team building, financial modelling, space designing, planning paperwork, brand building, online presence and more...We like to give things an edge.... We love teams, we love community, we love ideation by most of all we love delivery for a sustainable future. We love telling a story of who you are through your work, your work being your Vox – your voice.... a place to fully express your true self.

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