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Conflict transformation: corporate flourishing

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The relationships between business founders, investors, wider shareholders, senior teams and extended family members can often be extremely complex with many layers, expectations and contracts; some are explicit, others are often assumed.  When tensions, conflicts or relationship breakdown occurs, the organisation’s strategy or purpose can often become unclear, morale can become unpredictable and the organisation can suffer enormously. 


There can also often be an imbalance in power between those involved; the power dynamics might not align with the needs of the organisation or the natural strengths of the immediate and wider teams and personnel. 

we transform

We recognise that organisations are run by real people that have real needs and desires both for themselves personally and the organisation that they are emotionally and/or financially invested in.  If unsupported by external specialists, conflicts can quickly become personal, defences can rise, communication can become fractured or even tactical and there are very real risks to the success of the relationships and the organisation. 


Mantes specialises in conflict transformation; we use gentle but very effective techniques that help all participants to deeply understand the dynamics at play and make space for the co-creation of a sustainable solution that supports the needs and desires of all stakeholders.  We’re especially good at getting to the root of some of the most human dynamics and behaviours and sensitively steering those affected; we’re extremely committed to doing this with social and emotional intelligence and not undermining the explicit power structures in place. 

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Ultimately, we believe that when each member of an organisation’s senior team is positioned to their strengths and adopts chosen behaviours and communication habits, where power dynamics and contracts are explicit, the organisation has space to truly flourish.  Mantes brings a rare combination of expertise in business/entrepreneurship and conflict resolution to bring a perspective that seeks the success of both the senior team and the commercial operation. 

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Sam Hardwick

We know that sometimes the most difficult conversations can be put-off for years. We bring a wealth of tools and techniques that create space to explore even the most difficult of issues with mutuality, care and compassion. 

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