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How we do it 

New Ventures: The Innovation Process

we communicate

We generally start by meeting with a person, team or family that has an initial idea, or a commercial or social problem to solve.  Quite often there are other initial ingredients available too, such as, a property, prototype, people or access to investment.  

We will explore the initial landscape of ideas, people, and other project ingredients to deeply understand the opportunities and challenges ahead.  We firmly believe that any project or business should profoundly serve its primary stakeholders and be something that makes a positive and tangible impact in the world.  Initial work therefore focuses on thoroughly exploring new ideas and the context in which they are proposed.  

we innovate

After establishing solid foundations, we work with the project team to form the strategy for the design and delivery of a really innovative project.  We are then available to support that process from initial ideation right through to project delivery and launch. This looks really different for each client and can vary from deep involvement where Mantes directly manage all aspects of design and delivery, through to a much lighter touch of mentoring and guiding. 


We have the expertise in house to deliver a great many aspects of new venture creation and where we don’t, we have a network of preferred professionals to call upon. 

we create

We’re especially good at interpreting partner's desires and aspirations; digging beneath initial ideas to connect with the heart behind the venture.  We watch social, cultural and technological trends to understand how communities, people and different personalities adjust their behaviours and consumer decisions. 


We love to create projects that connect with the human spirit in a fresh way.
Mantes means “seer”.


New businesses and projects are often very complex, with multiple stakeholders projecting varied expectations.  We have a particular ability in articulating a new vision and proposal; positioning it towards the key drivers and interests of stakeholders to gain the support of influencers at crucial stages of a project.

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Sam Hardwick Mantes Director

Sam Hardwick

We love it when a new venture or project connects deeply with everyone involved, where each person thrives in their own voice and vocation (Vox) and the whole team gets behind a shared vision. 

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