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Team Training: Culture & Communication

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Establishing a strong culture and good habits of authentic communication is essential to the success of any new project or venture.  So often the excitement of a new idea or opportunity can propel a team into action, or even into formally structured joint ventures without considering alignments and synergies between culture, personalities, behaviours and communication styles. 


Ultimately, projects and entrepreneurial ventures are run by people just like you and me; when personal hopes, dreams, finance and risk are involved, a huge range of emotions and behaviours come to the fore.  This can be even more relevant in established businesses that might have additional challenges arising from trading history, previous leaders or organisational inertia.  

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Establishing the right team dynamics, culture and communication habits in a new project, team or workforce can be really tricky on your own; especially when primary attention is often paid to the technical and professional skills needed to get a venture off the ground.  Mantes use a range of tools and resources to provide transformational training experiences that enable people and teams to flourish; especially in high-pressure creative and commercial environments. 

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We do this on multiple levels: 


We are passionate about supporting individuals to connect with their most authentic inner voice and to lead generously.  We love the kind of leadership that is rooted in sound professional and technical expertise but is delivered with social and emotional intelligence, with a balance of personal conviction and vulnerability; leadership that is highly attentive to the needs and ideas of others.  We support individuals to deeply connect with their truest voice and vocation; to really understand themselves. We train people with practical skills in relating to others with bold authenticity. 


Teams thrive when there is an intentional mix of professional expertise and personality types and where every member is committed to positive behaviours and communication habits.  Teams flourish when each person is positioned according to their personal strengths and everyone deeply understands the worldview and natural preferences of each of the different personalities in the team.  Mantes have over 15 years of experience and wealth of tools and techniques to deepen understanding of team dynamics. 



There is nothing more formidable than an entire workforce, positioned to their personal strengths, connected to their voice and embodying the values and culture of an organisation; like a harmonious choir with a shared mission.  It is impossible to impose this upon people, it can only be achieved through exciting experiences that invite the participation of everyone; we design and deliver these and have seen some amazing results. 

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Beth Hardwick

Something really magical happens when a team of people feel valued and they are connected to both their personal and a shared sense of purpose.  We’re passionate about creating workplace cultures that are transformational and sustainable. 

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