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Residential Impact Incubator and Enabling Community

Twigloo is currently in incubation and is a significant 'home-grown' interest for Mantes; it is a Residential Impact Incubator and an Enabling Community.

Twigloo is based around a housing development of roughly between 12 and 20 houses.  We will use sustainable construction techniques and we hope to make occupancy carbon neutral.  Our chosen approach will make the houses really affordable to acquire and to occupy.

The affordable homes will exist to offer a lower cost of living to those that have a vision for a project that will make a significant and positive societal impact.  The low occupancy costs will reduce the need for sustenance led work and release time for impact led work.

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Pioneering model of creating, doing, living
and working
by Mantes and friends

Low-cost sustainable housing project

Twigloo will then take this dynamic and multiply it across 12 to 20 households, creating a space where a mutual creative community of pioneers, supporters and enablers can emerge and do life together, sharing resources, from ideas and time, to cars and childcare.

Twigloo will offer shared workspaces, workshops and meeting areas where ideas can be brought to life. These spaces will offer a hub through which a wider virtual community of pioneers can connect and be supported.


We'll also develop shared leisure spaces that are open to the wider public to use and connect with the Twigloo residents. Examples might include a playground, arts centre or community cafe.

Mantes are incubating the Twigloo vision with other parties and are keen to foster values of mutuality and shared ownership. The project is a not-for profit ethical enterprise.


We are currently refining the values, developing the financial model and looking for suitable land (or properties).


We are continually exploring the financial landscape and would welcome the opportunity to explore ideas and options for investment.


If you are interested to find out more, listed below are some documents available for download:


Native Architects were fortunate to be part of the design team that helped deliver Sam and Beth Hardwick's vision for the Bivouac at Masham.

The host of awards are testimony to their success in leading that team and creating a truly sustainable visitor experience.

As managers they inspired great loyalty and devotion in their team and this was evident in the uplifting atmosphere and sense of place that their vision created. They were a fantastic client and we look forward to collaborating with them again in the future. 


Native Architects

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