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Mantes is the plural of Mantis (in British English).  The word Mantis is the ancient Greek word for Prophet.  The insect Mantis is often referred to as the “Praying Mantis” due to its posture where the forelimbs are folded forwards in a prayer-like position.  The name literally means prayerful prophet or “Seer”. We use the plural version because together as a team we are a group of Seers. 


We have a deep desire to really SEE and this is at the heart of our DNA as a consultancy.  We don’t take anything at face value and we always consider the wildest of perspectives. We question everything, although not always out loud (that would be exhausting, right?!).  We believe that the most impressive innovations emerge naturally when all assumptions and limitations are stripped away and the heart of the issue is addressed with authenticity and creativity. 


The Praying Mantis was revered in many ancient cultures and was believed to have supernatural powers.  Within our team and across our family of preferred suppliers and consultants, we bring an approach that is mindful, holistic, respectfully inquisitive and boundlessly creative.  We want to launch projects that serve all stakeholders in profound ways and that requires a special depth of perspective.  


We are the Seers.  We are Mantes

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