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what we do

We specialise in leading the process of launching new ventures, projects, and diversifications; especially where there isn’t an existing commercial model or market precedent.  We love to reposition existing ventures too. We navigate through the initial cloud of possible ideas and options to quickly establish the most effective models for delivery.

We’re passionate about the human condition and how we experience the world around us.  We love to curate a design and innovation process that takes a fresh and deeply considered approach to solution design.  And we really love all of the most human aspects of leading challenging projects.

mantes is an
innovation agency


specialists in leading
start-up & growth


passionate about the
human condition


There are typically two sides to our work: ​

The first is the practical reality of designing something that is really special, establishing a clear strategy and delivering against it.  We get deeply involved in the tensions between all aspects of a project from multiple iterations of design work, to the investment model, right through to capital construction work, production and the implementation of operational systems.


The second is the deeply human aspect of an ambitious project.  The needs of stakeholders such as owners, investors, statutory bodies, designers, creatives and extended family members (to name a few!) are vast and varied.  When personal hopes, dreams, finance and risk are involved, a huge range of emotions and behaviours can present themselves. With a commitment to integrity, transparency and authenticity, we lead with social and emotional intelligence to find the most effective outcomes for all involved.

We undertake a wide variety of assignments, from short-term fixed fee instructions, through to long-term committed projects, joint ventures and non-executive director roles. 


We’re often working on confidential projects that have a long incubation period, this naturally restricts what we can publish on here, but we would be happy to talk through our experience if you would like examples of projects that relate specifically to your current interest.

how we do it
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