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We have an extensive network of collaborative partners that we’ve worked with many times.  We often call in specialist expertise where it is needed and we’re happy to broaden this network to include other partners according to the needs of the project.  We are very happy to discuss this approach at any time.


We’ve been using the name Mantes® since 2005.  We love the deeper meaning behind this name and we believe that it captures so much of our DNA. 


Read more about our name here. 


Sam HarDwick

Sam has been on the front end of new business design, launch and growth since graduating with a Business Master’s degree in 2005.  He previously studied Electronic Engineering and loves design, new product development and innovation; he has a strong head for numbers, questions everything and has a knack for spotting less obvious solutions during the most complex of projects. 


Sam is a creative thinker and a confident communicator.  He has a strategic approach and is able to simultaneously hold many project variables and bring clarity; steering teams towards decision and action.  He has a natural and inclusive leadership style that brings out the best in others while keeping complex projects on track and an eye on the needs of all wider stakeholders.  


Sam’s superpower is transforming aggressive confrontations into fruitful discussions where solutions emerge naturally. 

beth HarDwick


Beth graduated from the University of Cambridge in 1998 with a degree in Mental Health Nursing and Therapy.  After studying a second degree in Social and Health Policy and Law, she worked as a mental health therapist for almost ten years, specialising in substance dependency and family therapy.  Beth is naturally entrepreneurial and has set up multiple therapy based enterprises. In 2009 Beth switched her focus to create The Bivouac at Druids Temple; a multi-award winning holiday project and has since blended her therapy and venture creation work together. 


Beth is naturally motivational and has a direct communication style that invites others into action.  She is insightful and can easily see beyond surface presentation to recognise the deeper dynamics in any given situation. 


Beth’s superpower is being able to read the smallest nuances of body language and communication to draw out truest thoughts and feelings.

george Earey
Innovation & design consultant 

George graduated with a degree in Fine Art in 1999 and has enjoyed a wide variety of creative roles over the last 20 years; most significantly in media, communication, marketing, graphic design and website design and build.  She is an ideas machine and creativity flows through her naturally. She’s also really organised; she juggles her creative input across many projects and manages contributions from project partners. 


George has a big heart and loves to see people develop their full potential and really flourish.  She is a compassionate leader and has a natural communication style. She has a deep understanding of social impact and is actively involved in settings that make a real impact on people’s lives. 


George’s superpower is the ability to see opportunity, potential and goodness in every situation and person.  Everyone needs George in their lives. 

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