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We are a team of creative and strategic thinkers and have strong relationships with like minded professionals who are drawn in to work with us. It's a privilege to be working alongside many creative people, here is what they have to say about the projects we have been involved with together. 

To see some of the projects that we've done in the past, have a look here. 


Sam and Beth have worked with us for several years. We own a traditional family estate in East Yorkshire and wanted to undertake a new diversification project. The Hardwicks initially helped us brain storm a few ideas that we had, then guided us as we focussed on opening a new and exciting family visitor attraction called William’s Den in 2017.

This multi million pound project has been a long term dream and we couldn’t have done it without their guidance, knowledge, professionalism and moral support. Sam has been the perfect ‘wing man’ and thanks to his vast experience with new ventures and diversification projects, we are near to turning our dream into reality. Beth’s influence along the way has been invaluable – she is creative, realistic and a firm advocate of the ‘In Your Element’ personal development programme. This has helped us understand how we and others work and what makes us all tick – it’s fascinating stuff and definitely worth doing!

We have loved working with Sam and Beth as they have guided and supported us along our long and tricky road. As a team, they are very committed, passionate, hard working and enthusiastic. Sam and Beth have shared our vision and have helped us achieve our goal. We would highly recommend them - they are a joy to work with.

Front - 5.JPG

Sam and Beth are amazing, inspiring creators. They were meant to meet, dream and build together. Part of the joy with this wonderful couple is that they invite others along on their journey.

If you have the opportunity to work as part of their team, grab it! Your life will be enriched, full of creativity and challenges offered that you never knew existed.  As managers they offer guidance and a wealth of experience. Ideas are never overlooked and you will be encouraged to grow and nurtured along the way. You will gain a deeper understanding into how you work and the best way you can work with others as they are advocates of the 'In Your Element' personal development program. This alone is invaluable.  Sam and Beth really invest their time and efforts in the people they work with, which makes each project they undertake so unique!


They create beautiful designs that are thoughtful and reflective of the surroundings.  Their attention to detail is exceptional and they have the ability to turn a blank space into a rich and warm environment. Aesthetics and functionality are combined in their endeavors, and they offer unique insight into business opportunities. Prepare to be inspired"


Emilie McDermott
Team leader at The Bivouac


Mantes are brilliant to work with. On one hand, professional, commercial, and full of insight and ideas, yet also open-minded, deeply creative, collaborative, human and empathetic.

A rare mix of attitude, skills and experience. Beth, Sam and the Mantes team have become more than partners of Canopy & Stars, they are part of the team. They have a great knack of getting us, and the clients and owners we work with too.


They recognise that good business is about results and relationships, but also a value beyond the bottom line.


Tom Dixon

Managing Director
Canopy & Stars


Beth and Sam are truly committed to the work that they carry out. The passion that they have for the projects they work on draws a great team of people to work alongside them. Their enthusiasm, ethics and ethos rubs off on others. Beth has a wonderful ability to share her visions, making one feel entirely confident in her business decisions & plans. When helping plan our wedding, Beth was buzzing with ideas but 

realistic to our budget. Beth and Sam guided us through every stage of our wedding; nothing was too much for them.

Sam is extremely well organised, but also multi-talented and resourceful. It was a huge pleasure to work with Sam; he is practically minded but also a real 'people person'.


We were really impressed at how Beth and Sam were driven by sustainable and ethical values, and created a business that worked with local people and suppliers, in an environmentally conscious way. Sam and Beth are visionaries – they have the ability to turn their dreams into a reality.

Helen & Ali Brown

Wedding at The Bivouac

Family Portrait 5

Creative, authentic and visionary, Sam and Beth are a unique couple, bringing a wealth of professionalism and expertise to every project they undertake. They are a pleasure to work and do business with and having been involved with training their staff on various ventures. I can wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend them.

Ruth Adams
In Your Element & T+afa


Sam has provided Consultancy services to Unity for many years, both on a strategic and operational level. I have found him to be passionate and conscientious in the service he provides and excellent value for money, I would not hesitate in recommending him.

Parveen Sidhu
Operations Director and Dept CEO,
Unity Homes and Enterprise

WD NA.jpg

Native Architects were fortunate to be part of the design team that helped deliver Sam and Beth Hardwick's vision for the Bivouac at Masham. The host of awards are testimony to their success in leading that team and creating a truly sustainable visitor experience.

As managers they inspired great loyalty and devotion in their team and this was evident in the uplifting atmosphere and sense of place that their vision created. They were a fantastic client and we look forward to collaborating with them again in the future.

Native Architects, York

Law Firm

Sam was instrumental to developing my business from a local to a national outfit. Thanks in large part to him, we now have over 100 law firms who use our services throughout the UK.  

Sam is one of the most resourceful and creative people I know; he is also a person of complete integrity and trustworthiness. Sam is somehow able to combine a sharp eye for detail with a broad perspective, which I have found to be a rare and winning combination.

james smith

Director, Just Plans

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