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Social Enterprise equipping those that support individuals affected by trauma

t+afa is a social enterprise (not for profit organisation) that equips families, organisations and agencies to support those that have experienced trauma. To do this, t+afa provides courses, training, consultancy and therapy. 't+afa' means 'trauma & attachment first aid'.


t+afa's work is for children, young people and adults who have experienced trauma which then affects their behaviour and their ability to learn. Ultimately, t+afa seeks to unlock the potential of those affected by trauma. t+afa does this by working with those that regularly support individuals that have experienced trauma.

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Kick-start and support
of the project, including initial fundraising


Ongoing provision
of non-executive
director and business
development advice

t+afa was founded by four professionals; a Social Work Manager (& Theraplay Therapist), a Development Trainer, a Mental Health Therapist and a General Practitioner. The Mental Health Therapist is our very own Beth Hardwick (Mantes Director).


t+afa works with many groups of people and in various capacities. From teaching courses in the area of trauma and attachment, through to theraplay for the children effected by these issues, to training for teams and individuals about personalities and the dynamics within their teams.


t+afa is a dynamic and creative organisation that offers a fresh approach to addressing often diverse and complex needs.

Mantes worked with t+afa to kick-start and support the early set up of the business, with specific input into a start-up funding bid and establishment of governance and advice around best practice.

The creativity at Rocketfuelled! shaped the brand development and web design, with Mantes alongside as consultants.

As co-founder and director, Beth Hardwick continues to offer ongoing support, direction, and business development and growth expertise.  


Mantes have a strong history with the team behind t+afa and have developed training programmes with them for delivery to organisations and teams that we've worked with.

Click here to view the project portfolio, if you would like a version to print, request one here.

For more information about the work of t+afa, please see their website.


Creative, authentic and visionary, Sam and Beth are a unique couple, bringing a wealth of professional-ism and expertise to every project they undertake.

They are a pleasure to work and do business with and having been involved with training their staff on various ventures. I can wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend them.

Ruth Adams
In Your Element & t+afa

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