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canopy & stars

Champion and marketer of special and unique Glamping experiences

Canopy & Stars hunt out beautiful and quirky holiday destinations which broadly fit into the luxury camping genre.

They are passionate about discovering the really special places that offer something unusual; perhaps it's the accommodation design, the views and the quality of location, the local produce and food offering or perhaps the story behind the accommodation.  


Canopy & Stars promote these special places on their website along with other inspiring things that derive from the same values of creative and thoughtful adventure.

Mantes have partnered with Canopy and Stars to offer a comprehensive consultancy service to landowners that would like to create a luxury camping project.

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Mantes have partnered
with Canopy & Stars for the provision of

complete consultancy service to landowners pursuing Glamping projects


High-impact consultancy service combining
the expertise of
both parties

Mantes have designed and built multiple attractive spaces and have led significant farm diversification projects.


We are very familiar with the opportunities and pitfalls that the luxury camping market presents and have delivered an offering that has attracted multiple awards.


There are several ways to engage the consultancy service; from one day of intense support through to a complete design and delivery service.

For more information about the glamping support service please get in touch with us or have a chat with Canopy & Stars. You can view the tree-house and cabin brochure here.


For more information about Canopy & Stars generally, please look at their website.

Click here to view the project portfolio, if you would like a version to print, request one here.

Canopy & Stars

Mantes are brilliant to work with. On one hand, professional, commercial, and full of insight and ideas, yet also open-minded, deeply creative, collaborative, human and empathetic.

A rare mix of attitude, skills and experience. Beth, Sam and the Mantes team have become more than partners of Canopy & Stars, they are part of the team.

They have a great knack of getting us, and the clients and owners we work with too.

They recognise that good business is about results and relationships, but also a value beyond the bottom line.


Tom Dixon

Managing Director
Canopy & Stars

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