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capabilities: The technical skills we bring

we launch

There are lots of things involved in launching a new project; here is an overview of just some of the practical and technical ways in which we can help.  Nearly all new ventures (and reviews of existing projects) require an iterative approach to design and realisation; the subjects below should be understood as an interconnected web of considerations, rather than a linear checklist.

we collaborate

  • Deep market and legislative analysis, demographic, competitor and consumer trend mapping

  • Assessment of resources and cultural fit of the aspiring group or organisation

  • Determine and balance the competing design models including financial (trading & capex), risk (and risk appetite), physical or online space, market position and user experience.  This includes multiple iterations of modelling to find the most harmonious balance between project components

  • Bespoke commercial and user behaviour modelling to directly inform the business plan profit & loss and cash flow modelling 

  • Roadmap for project delivery in consultation with key stakeholders, understanding project linkages, achieving the necessary permissions and hurdles along the way

  • Long term plan, funding models, investment and exit strategy

  • Detailed financial modelling showing clear assumptions and variables

  • Funding applications are written to the highest legislative requirements including HM Treasury Green Book and European Union ESIF and ERDF (and associated audit requirements)

  • Deliver the project plan and manage that through the most appropriate routes of governance, reporting and accountability; either by leading teams directly or recruiting others

  • Construct a project team including job descriptions, personality profiling, team training and growth planning

  • Writing detailed design briefs for design professionals such as architects, landscape designers, product designers, interior designers, furniture makers, marketing, branding and website designers etc

  • Development of new products, services and novel intellectual property

  • Designing and/or procuring bespoke IT systems for the online experience, EPOS and producing reliable monthly management accounts

  • Operational models and staffing structures to plan for normal operation as well as unexpected trading success and trading challenges

  • Scenario modelling to understand the impact of significantly underestimating or overestimating sales volumes 

  • On the ground project management of consultants, suppliers and contractors

  • Strategic oversight of legal structures, governance and commercial models, including close partnership working with legal, treasury and taxation advisors.

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Georgina Earey Mantes

Georgina Earey
Innovation & Design Consultant

We love what we do.  We really enjoy shaping the big ideas and strategic business case, as well as bringing decades of shared experience and getting stuck into the detailed project delivery. 

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