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sam's vans

bespoke conversions

of small spaces

​Mantes are engaged in numerous land and farm diversification projects with more in the pipeline. With all of this rural working, there was need to develop a high quality mobile work-space that could be cited on any project location according to need.

So... We converted a classic caravan into an attractive mobile office space. This fun project supports various farm diversification ventures. We have had significant and ongoing interest; so we are doing some more!

With the above in mind, Mantes initially acquired an attractive vintage caravan (a Sprite Cadet 10ft) and converted it into a bespoke mobile work-space. 

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since completing
the first van​

we have had

so we dived

into a

second convert

The first caravan was in poor condition when it was bought; much of the timber frame was rotten and the sides were unstable. Following an aggressive rip-out, the space presented a nice blank canvas for converting into an office with extra insulation, a wood burning stove, plenty of sockets and a seat that doubles up as a filing cabinet.

Our second conversion was a vintage beauty, 2-birth unit made into a 5-birth family unit! Again this was stripped right back to the frame, given insulation, cladding and a wood burning stove.

We created a kitchenette space with full size fridge and hose shower head option too! We made a bunk bed slide in and out style top deck for three small children and a large double for 2/3 below. Gorgeous! Sold now to one very happy family....


What started out as a bit of fun (and a creative solution to our need), might turn into its own little enterprise. So we've also registered Just in case. ​

Click here to view the project portfolio, for a version to print, request one here.

Sam's Vans

Sam was instrumental to developing my business from a local to a national outfit. Thanks in large part to him, we now have over 100 law firms who use our services throughout the UK.

Sam is one of the most resourceful and creative people I know; he is also a person of complete integrity and trustworthiness.

Sam is somehow able to combine a sharp eye for detail with a broad perspective, which I have found to be a rare and winning combination.

James Smith

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